Welcome to the Lydia, Ronnie, & Alex
Summer Mission Work Information and Donation Page!

Here we will let you know about the various missions that our kids are undertaking and offer a way for you to donate toward the cost of these missions.
Between training for the children's camps and travel/lodging expenses for the trip they'll need approximately $3400. That's more than my tax refund. :)

Just so there's no confusion:

Lydia is going to be working at an arts camp in Madrid for 6 weeks, and needs to raise lodging and travel funds. Ronnie & Alex will be doing daily summer camps in Mobile and (hopefully) Baldwin counties (through CEF), and need to raise funds for their training before they start working in the camps.

If you would like to help offset the cost of the mission work, please consider donating through the PayPal donate link below.
100% of received funds will go toward the cost of the trip and training, and any additional will be donated to the children's mission camps for supplies.
Note that PayPal does incur a fee for using their service, 2.9% plus 30 cents; if you would prefer to donate by sending a check, please contact us by email or message us on Facebook.

You may add any notes or comments regarding your donations during the "donation checkout" process (look for it on the PayPal page),
such as "I only want this donation used for Lydia, 'cause she's my favorite" or whatever. :)

Progress toward goal (manually updated on a more-or-less daily basis):

Update (5/20/2013) - YAY! We have met the goals!
Note: any additional funds received will be used for supplies for the day camps that Ronnie and Alex will be assisting.

Lydia's trip info

In short it's an arts camp (visual and audio) for children in Madrid, Spain for six weeks (if you speak the language, you can check out the center's web site), where she'll use her knowledge of the Spanish language, musical arts, and love of Christ to minister to the children; total cost estimated around $2500.

Lydia has a blog now that she'll use to chronicle the trip: "Lydia's Thought Spot" - check it out, and check back often to see how things are going with her!
(No, she hasn't left yet... she leaves in mid-June, but the blog is up now.)

Here is Lydia's letter about the trip and the summer camp ministry:

Ronnie & Alex mission camp info

In short, they'll be doing day camps for six weeks for children in Mobile and (hopefully) Baldwin counties, through the Child Evangelism Fellowship;
each needs to raise $380 for the training sessions ($760 total).

Here are Ronnie's & Alex's letters about the CEF summer camp ministry: